MOC Masters GBTC (8.5"x12") UV Action Figure Protective Case - 5pk

MOC Masters

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Product Overview

This MOC Masters UV Case will keep action figure card backs flat or help flatten out slightly bent/warped card backs. It offers full UV Spectrum Protection (~375nm-400nm and down) and features a Perfect Match Hinge for a guaranteed front and back compatibility. 

Low Profile Feet on the case allow you to display it on the shelf and a peg hole allows for wall hanging. Ten Secure Snap Locks will keep your action figures safe inside and a framed front bubble offers rigidity and figure highlighting.

Compatible with most

  • Kenner Ghostbusters - Vintage
  • Kenner Ghostbusters - Retro Re-Issue
  • Kenner Silverhawks - (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Batman The Dark Knight Collection (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Batman Returns (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Batman Forever Non-Deluxe (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Batman & Robin Non-Deluxe (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Batman the Animated Series Non-Deluxe (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Beetlejuice
  • Kenner Swamp Thing (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Robocop (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Superman (Fits Centered)
  • Kenner Aliens (Some Exclusions)
  • Kenner Predator (Some Exclusions)
  • Kenner Terminator (Fits Centered)
  • Hasbro Marvel Legends Retro Carded 6" Standard
  • Mattel New Adventures of He-Man (US Release - Masters of the Universe)
  • Mattel Masters of the Universe 200x
  • Mattel Batman 2004 6" (Fits Centered)
  • Toybiz Spiderman Classics (Some Exclusions) (Fits Centered)
  • Toybiz X-Men Classics (Some Exclusions) (Fits Centered)
  • Toybiz Fantastic 4 Classics (Some Exclusions) (Fits Centered)
  • Toybiz X-Men Late 90's 12" Cardback (Some Exclusions) (Fits Centered)
  • Toybiz Spiderman Animated Series 12" Cardback (Some Exclusions) (Fits Centered)
  • Playmates Dick Tracy
  • Playmates Toxic Crusaders
  • Playmates TMNT 2003 Toy Line
  • Playmates TMNT Universal Monsters Series 1 (Fits Centered)
  • Playmates TMNT Star Trek Turtles (Fits Centered)
  • Hasbro Cops n' Crooks
  • LJN Tiger Sharks
  • LJN Thundercats
  • Tonka Super Naturals Warriors

*Special releases or alternate variations of the above may not be compatible. **Fits Centered means there will be some play on two or three sides of the cardback.

Product Features

  • Full UV Spectrum Protection (~375nm-400nm and down)
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect Match Back for guaranteed compatibility & seal
  • Two piece design
  • 10 Secure Snap Locks
  • Keep action figure card backs flat or help flatten out slightly bent/warped card backs
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Low Profile Feet for shelf display as well as peg hole for wall hanging
  • Acid Free Material
  • Framed front bubble for rigidity and figure highlighting
  • Figures not included

Overall Product Dimensions
12.25"T x 8.6"W x 2.8"D

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review