MOC Masters 5.5" Deluxe Action Figure UV Protective Case - 5pk

MOC Masters

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Product Overview


Product Description MOTU Deluxe

  • Full UV Spectrum Protection (~375nm-400nm and down)
  • Made in the USA- Perfect Match Back for guaranteed compatibility & seal 
  • 10 Secure Snap Locks
  • Keep action figure card backs flat or help flatten out slightly bent/warped card backs
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Low Profile Feet for shelf display as well as peg hole for wall hanging
  • Acid Free Material
  • Framed front bubble for rigidity and figure highlighting.

Compatible with most:
Masters of the Universe Vintage Deluxe, Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe, Masters of the Universe Vintage Laser Lights, Masters of the Universe Revelations, Super7 Ultimate Conan (Comic) Edition, Super7 Ultimate Toxic Crusaders, Super7 Ultimate Thundercats, Mcfarlane DC Multiverse Standard Boxed Figures, Mcfarlane Spawn Series 11994 Figures.

*Fits most standard release figures on 12.5"x9.5" card backs. Special releases or alternate variations of the above may not be compatible.

Product Dimensions:
Front: 9.85" x 12.24" x 3.2"
Back: 9.58" x 12.64
Closed: 9.58" x 12.6.88"x2.93"

**Figure(s) not included

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review